Hosted Call Recording

Record Calls

Efficiently capture your important conversations with Hosted Call Recording!

Hosted Call Recording efficiently captures your key conversations for future reference with simple web portal or star code activation.

Record important conversations

Easily manage recordings in the web portal

Simply share recordings as email attachments

• Listen to or download recordings as .WAV files in the web portal

• Start or stop recording by dialing star codes or selecting the recording button in the web portal. Office managers can turn on continuous call recording for specific users.

• Search for recordings by time of day, extension, or phone number

• Store recordings with the included 2GB of storage per user

• Forward recordings as email attachments

How it Works

Hosted Call Recording is activated by star codes or in the web portal.

1. Dial *95 to start recording a call and dial *96 to stop recording a call.


2. Select the recording button in an active call window in the web portal to start and stop recording a call. A message will pop up indicating that call recording has started or that it has been stopped.

*95 to Start Recording
*96 to Stop Recording

Improve productivity and recall important details from phone conversations and meetings with Hosted Call Recording!

Some Polycom phones can record calls using a USB. This is a device dependent feature and is different than Hosted Call Recording.

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