Incoming Call Features

Incoming Call Features

Manage incoming calls

Anonymous Call Rejection

Do Not Disturb

Simultaneous Ring Personal


Call Waiting

Hunt Groups

How it Works

Configure your Incoming Call Features to save time and simplify incoming call management.


The Incoming Call Features help you stay organized and enable you to easily manage all of your incoming calls.

Feature What it Does How to Use
Anonymous Call Rejection Blocks calls from callers with an anonymous or unknown Caller ID Activate: Dial *77
Deactivate: Dial *87
Do Not Disturb Blocks all calls when activated Activate: *78
Deactivate: *79
Simultaneous Ring Personal Rings multiple devices when an incoming call is being received Define as an answering rule via the web portal
Intercom Automatically answers incoming calls Dial *33 and the extension number
Call Waiting Receives multiple inbound calls Press the Answer key on the phone to answer the waiting call
Hunt Groups Distributes phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of organized extensions Set up by Lingo Personnel

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