• • Easy-to-Use
  • • Excellent Sound Quality
  • • User Comfort

Use a headset with your ImpactConnect Hosted PBX Polycom phone for hands-free phone calls, increased productivity, and multi-tasking capabilities.

A wide range of headsets are compatible with the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX Polycom phones to accommodate your personal preferences.

Phones Phone Interfaces Headset Types
Polycom VVX 201
Quick Disconnect / Easy Disconnect (recommended) Analog
Polycom VVX 300/310
2.5 mm
Polycom VVX 400/410
Polycom 500
Polycom 600    


  • Soundpoint IP 335
  • Polycom VVX 300/310
  • Polycom VVX 400/410
  • Polycom 500
  • Polycom 600

Phone Interfaces

  • Quick Disconnect / Easy Disconnect (recommended )
  • 2.5 mm
  • RJ-9
  • USB

Headset Types

  • Analog
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • EHS

Supported Headset Manufacturers

Multitask and increase productivity with hands-free phone calls!

Headset Model Options
The following headsets have been tested and work optimally with the ImpactConnect Hosted PBX Polycom phones indicated below:

Headset Manufacturer Headset Type Headset Model Phone
Bose Wireless/Bluetooth Bluetooth Series 2 Polycom VVX 600
Sennheiser Wireless/DECT OfficeRunner Polycom VVX 600
Plantronics Wired HW251 All
Plantronics Wired H68292 All
Jabra Wireless PRO 925 All
Jabra Wireless PRO 9450 All
Jabra Wireless PRO 9470 All
Jabra Wirless/DECT 1.9 GN 9350e Polycom VVX 400 Polycom VVX 500 Polycom VVX 600
Jabra Wireless/DECT GN 9125 Polycom VVX 400 Polycom VVX 500 Polycom VVX 600
Accutone Wired 6 Series (TM610 and TB610) All
VXi Wired Tria Series, Passport Series (10 and 21), UC PRoSet Series (10 and 21) All

The following phones must be used with the software listed below for a headset connection to work properly:

Compatible Phones
Compatible Software
Polycom VVX 201, Polycom VVX 300/310 and Polycom VVX 400/410 Polycom UC software 4.1.4 or later
Polycom VVX 500 Polycom UC software 4.0.1 or later
Polycom VVX 600 Polycom UC software 4.1.1 or later

For more information about supported headsets, click here